List of Nomination - Daily Report
Sr No. Subject Date Download
1. Order of Special Executive Magistrates for Election 2014 20-9-2014
2. Use of Loud Speakers permitted during 6 AM - 12 PM on 02/10/2014 and 03/10/2014, subject to restrictions 26-9-2014
3. Appointment of nodal officers for implementation of Prevention of Defacement of Property Act. 1995 and Maharashtra Municipal Corporation Act. 1949 as per order of Hon. High Court of Mumbai. 29-9-2014
4. Orders issued for licensed Premises of liqour sale to be kept closed for 48 hrs ending with the hour fixed for conclusion of the poll and on the counting day 01-10-2014
5. Revised orders issued for licensed premises of liquor sale to be kept closed on the Counting Day until 6:00pm. 13-10-2014